While there are a lot of web-based stock trading tools available, trading apps for PC/mac are rare and usually linked to a specific broker. I’m developing a trading software with an API layer supporting different brokers.

Scope of this post

This article presents maystocks, an open source stock trading software.


In 2022, I tried to use MetaTrader® to trade stocks. Even though MetaTrader® is kind of a “standard” software, I had a very bad experience using it. It felt like a software from the 1990s.

As there are stock market APIs openly available which support trading (at least for US markets), I decided to create an open source stock trading software.

Major design decisions

  • support multiple brokers by using an API layer
  • support multiple views for the same data
  • use decimal numbers instead of floating points (for precise calculations)

Tech Stack

  • Programming language: Go
  • Rendering: gioui

Current State

maystocks screenshot

maystocks can be used to display market data (historical and realtime). The next step is to implement paper trading.

MetaTrader is a registered trademark of MetaQuotes Corporation.